Apollo Private Security was founded with one goal in mind: to provide first class security solutions for everyone.


Our Mission

At Apollo, we understand that paying for security services can be a huge burden for business owners, especially local, small businesses.  We also understand that the need for security services is greater than ever.  We were founded by small business owners who understand this better than anyone.  This allows us to provide customized security solutions that will not only secure those assets which are most important to you, but also fit your budget.

We approach every new job as if it were to protect our own business.  We pay attention to every detail from our uniforms to our training.  We screen personnel to ensure that your assets are in the right hands, and so that our staff can respond quickly to any situation.

By hiring Apollo, you will be hiring a company that will treat your assets as their own, and ensure that you and your customers feel safe and protected.

Who we are

  • In one short year, we have become one of the leading security companies for San Joaquin County.
  • As a local small business, we have already created dozens of full time jobs for the local community.
  • Apollo is owned by a local law firm.
  • We are dedicated to protecting persons and property in San Joaquin County.
  • We take our community seriously, and are reinvesting in it to help Stockton thrive and become the bustling city we know it can be.